1979-S Roosevelt Dime Type 1 PROOF Filled S Coin

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We are pleased to offer for sale this 1979-S Type 1 Roosevelt Dime Gem Proof.  This coin is in Gem Proof condition with nice eye appeal and no major marks or visible problems.  This Roosevelt Dime is taken from an original Proof set, and is an outstanding value!

The Roosevelt Dime was released to the public on January 30th, 1946, which would have been Franklin D. Roosevelt's 64th birthday.  The dime was chosen for honoring Roosevelt in large part because of his commitment to the National Foundation for Infant Paralysis, which was popularly known as the March of Dimes because of Roosevelt's encouragement that Americans send in one dime to fund the foundation.  

The Roosevelt Dime was designed by mint engraver John R. Sinnock. The obverse of the coin features a profile view of Roosevelt, while the reverse features a torch, olive branch, and oak branch, which represent Liberty, Peace, and Victory respectively.  The design caused some controversy when it was released, as anti-communist sentiment led to speculation that the initials JS appearing under Roosevelt's neck were a tribute to Joseph Stalin.  In reality, they simply denoted that the coin had been designed by John Sinnock.

The 1979-S Type 1 Roosevelt Dime Proof  Roosevelt Dimes are comprised of outer layers of copper-nickel (.750 copper, .250 nickel) bonded to an inner core of pure copper. These Roosevelt Dimes have a weight of 2.27 grams, a diameter of 17.9mm and a reeded edge.  It is a beautiful coin in Gem Proof condition, a great value and perfect for any Roosevelt  Dime collection.   Between Type 1 and Type 2 there were 3,667,175 of the 1979-S Roosevelt Proof Dimes minted at the San Francisco Mint. This Type 1 Roosevelt Dime Proof is referred to as the "Filled S" type because the mint mark takes more the appearance of a blob than a distinct 'S'. The mint mark used to strike the Type 1 coins was retired in 1979 and a new one was introduced to create the Type 2 coins for the remainder of 1979.

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At a glance
San Francisco (S)
Coin Type: 
Roosevelt Dime
Dime (10C)
Proof (PR)
Clad of .75 (75%) Copper and .25 (25%) Nickel, bonded to a (100%) Copper core
Edge Type: 
17.91 mm
2.27 grams (each)
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