Lighthouse GRANDE Pages for 20 2x2 Coin Holders M20K Pack of 5

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This listing is for Lighthouse GRANDE Album Pages for 2x2 Coin Holders. These durable pages transparently hold, display and protect 2x2 cardboard holders. Each page holds 20 2x2 cardboard coin holders in place during transport and storage. Each page measures approximately 9.5" x 12" (240 x 300 mm) and has holes drilled for both 3 and 4 ring binders. Each order is for a pack of 5 pages. This item is new from our inventory.

Lighthouse GRANDE sheets are free from chemical softeners which can harm your coins. They come with 7 pre-punched holes in the side to fit into GRANDE 3-ring and 4-ring binders.
Brand: Lighthouse

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