The $2.50 and $5 Gold Indians of Bela Lyon Pratt by Allan Schein

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We are pleased to offer for sale The $2.50 and $5 Gold Indians of Bela Lyon Pratt by Allan Schein.  WINNER OF THE NUMISMATIC LITERARY GUILD'S (NLG) BEST U.S. COIN BOOK 2017. The first comprehensive book ever written about this popular and unique American coin series. Includes an extensive biography of sculptor Pratt, his education and sculptural history. Numismatic contents includes the most up to date information available with chapters on the coins design elements, grading, DATA sheets, photographic grading section and more. every date, branch mint and proof coin of both denominations are presented clearly and concisely, visually and descriptively. Includes more than 725 images and dozens of varieties never before described. Complete in depth description of the Indians identity and the creation and development of these beautiful iconic coins. 415 Pages, 6" x 9", 130 lb cover stock. This is a new book from our inventory.

  • Introduction by Cynthia Kennedy Sam, Pratt's Grand Daughter.
  • More than 700 photographs of coins, coin details and Bela Pratt's sculptural works.
  • Complete chapter on the identification of the Indian Chief, Hollow Horn Bear, the image on the coins.
  • Date by date analysis of all MS and Proof coins of the Indian quarter and half eagle series.
  • Several hundred varieties and attributions described and pictured.
  • DATA charts, population reports, rarity charts.
  • Auction records for every coin by MS or PROOF grade.
  • The most complete biography of Bela Lyon Pratt ever published in print.
  • Numerous pictures of Pratts sculptures.
  • Design elements of the Gold Indian coins.
  • Side by side comparisons of Pratt's original designs and Charles Barber's adjustments.
  • Never before published images of the original Galvanos, Master Dies and Hubs used for coining.
  • Complete section on grading with verbal descriptions, graphic line drawings and photographs.
  • Counterfeit detection chapter with extensive information on types and attributions.
  • Chapter on Pratt's other medallic works.
  • Brief chapters about author Allan Schein, and his book summary.
  • Specialized Gold Indian glossary of terms used predominantly for this coin series.
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The $2.50 and $5 Gold Indians of Bela Lyon Pratt
Allan Schein
Allan Schein
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