1998 Piggyback Space Shuttle $11.75 US Postage Stamp Unused Sheet of 20 Scott #3262

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We are pleased to offer for sale this 1998 Piggyback Space Shuttle $11.75 Cent US Postage Stamp Unused Sheet of 20 Scott #3262.

Stamp Sheet Information:
  • Country: United States
  • Stamp Name: Piggyback Space Shuttle
  • First Day Cover Issue Date: November 9th, 1998
  • Denomination: $11.75
  • Scott Number 3262 Piggyback Space Shuttle
  • Illustrations A2533 Piggyback Space Shuttle
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Condition: Unused. Stamp Sheet is a stock photo. Plate positions may vary.
  • Sheet Size: 20 stamps, 4 across, 5 down
  • History: In the late 1960's NASA began to design a spacecraft that would be partially reusable.  The idea was for this spacecraft to be able to land horizontally on the ground once it returned to Earth.  The main function of the Space Shuttle was to provide crew rotation and supplies for the International Space Station, as well as service and repair satellites orbiting Earth.  The original lifespan of the shuttle was about 100 launches or ten years, but that had since been extended.  The first free flight of a Space Shuttle occurred on April 12, 1977 by the Enterprise. In 2011 the Space Shuttle was retired by NASA, marked by Space Shuttle Atlantis landing safely at Kennedy Space Center on July 21st, 2011.  

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Brand: USPS
MPN: Scott #3262
1 available
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