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2002 Happy Birthday 34 Cent US Postage Stamp Unused Sheet of 20 Scott #3558

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We are pleased to offer for sale this 2002 Happy Birthday 34 Cent US Postage Stamp Unused Sheet of 20 Scott #3558.

Stamp Sheet Information:
  • Country: United States
  • Stamp Name: Happy Birthday
  • First Day Cover Issue Date: February 8th, 2002
  • Denomination: 34 Cents
  • Scott Number: 3558 Happy Birthday
  • Illustration: A2751 Happy Birthday
  • Color: Multicolored
  • Condition: Unused. Stamp Sheet is a stock photo. Plate positions may vary.
  • Sheet Size: 20 stamps, 4 across, 5 down
  • History: It isn't exactly clear where the origin of the birthday started, but some historians hypothesize the pharaohs of ancient Egypt started the tradition sometime around 3,000 BC.  They didn't necessarily celebrate the date of their birth into the world, but more the date of their coronation which would have been the Pharaoh's "birth" as a god.  It is said the Greeks added candles to their cakes to recreate the radiance of the moon, and their god's perceived beauty.  The first group that historians think celebrated birthday's for the common man were the Ancient Romans.  They would celebrate birthdays for friends and family, and created holidays for the birthdays of more famous citizens.  The contemporary birthday cake, that is traditionally used today, is said to have been invented by the Germans.  Kids would get one candle for every year they have been alive.  In 1893, Patty and Mildred J. Hill wrote a song called Good Morning to All.  It was intended to be sung by students before classes began.  As the song caught on across the country, different variations came about.  In 1924, Robert Coleman published a song book, adding a couple lyrics to the original lines, making it the Happy Birthday song we all sing today.

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Brand: USPS
MPN: Scott #3558
2 available
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