2008 Vintage Black Cinema 42 Cent US Postage Stamp Unused Sheet of 20 Scott #4336 - #4340

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We are pleased to offer for sale this 2008 Vintage Black Cinema 42 Cent US Postage Stamp Unused Sheet of 20 Scott #4336 - #4340.

Stamp Sheet Information:
  • Country: United States
  • Stamp Name: Vintage Black Cinema
  • First Day Cover Issue: July 16th, 2008
  • Denomination: 42 Cents
  • + Scott Number... - Scott Number
    • 4336 Poster for "Black and Tan"
    • 4337 Poster for "The Sport of Gods"
    • 4338 Poster for "Prinsesse Tam-Tam"
    • 4339 Poster for "Caldonia"
    • 4340 Poster for "Hallelujah"
  • + Illustration... - Illustration A3153
    • A3298 Poster for "Black and Tan"
    • A3299 Poster for "The Sport of Gods"
    • A3300 Poster for "Prinsesse Tam-Tam"
    • A3301 Poster for "Caldonia"
    • A3302 Poster for "Hallelujah"
  • Color: Multicolored
  • Condition: Unused. Stamp sheet is a stock photo.
  • Sheet Size: 20 stamps. 5 across, 4 down.
  • History: This "Vintage Black Cinema" stamp sheet consits of 5 different images that were movie posters for classic African-American films. "Black and Tan" features Fredi Washington's acting and Duke Ellington's music in an attempt to depict scenes of Afican-Americans in New York and the creative accomplishments of the culture. "The Sport of the Gods" is about a man named Hamilton who is wrongfull imprisoned in order to save the reputation of a man from the upper class. The film deals with the discrimination and obstacles that African Americans faced in the south in the early 19th century. "Prinsesse Tam-Tam" is a film about a local Tunisian girl who is introduced into the rungs of high society. Her reactions to unknown customs of the wealthy create a fun and entertaining story. "Caldonia" is a song recorded in 1945 written by Louis Jordan. It debuted in theaters with a few other songs performed by Jordan and his band, the Tympany Five. "Hallelujah" is a film that attempted to break down stereotypes about African-American life in 1929. It was one of the first films with an all-black cast that was produced by a major studio. "Hallelujah" earned King Vidor an Oscar for Best Director.

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Brand: USPS
MPN: Scott #4143
1 available
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