Buffalo Nickels Coin Collecting Starter Set with Folder, Book, and Coins

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Our Coin Collecting Starter Set for Buffalo Nickels is both Inspiring & Educational!

This Coin Collecting Starter Set is a great way to learn about and start collecting the Buffalo Nickel Series! Included are the Littleton folder for Buffalo Nickels, the Authoritative Reference on Buffalo Nickels Book, and 5 different Buffalo Nickels to start the collection! 
  • This four panel folder holds all of the business strikes from 1913 to 1938. It includes a total of 66 ports labeled with the year, mint, and mintage figures.
  • This essential reference covers many varieties of the Buffalo nickel with over 300 images. In addition to Buffalo business strikes the text covers, proofs, brilliant proofs, double dies, over mintmarks, repunched mintmarks and much more. A date by date analysis and progression of the Buffalo nickel, Die varieties and the making of them are explained as well as listings for certified populations, values, and the number minted.
  • These Buffalo Nickel coins are circulated and will grade Good or better.  You will receive five unique Buffalo Nickels with different dates and/or mint marks.

Information on the Buffalo Nickel Series

In 1911, Treasury Secretary Franklin MacVeagh hired designer James Earle Fraser to design the new nickel.  The Buffalo Nickel is also known as the Indian Head and Bison Nickel.  The obverse design features the profile of a Native American.  The profile design came from a composite portrait of three Native Americans: Iron Tail, an Olga Sioux Chief, Two Moons, a Cheyenne Chief, and Big Tree, a Kiowa Chief.  The Buffalo on the reverse side was supposedly modeled after Black Diamond from the New York Central Park Zoo.

Soon after the release of the Buffalo Nickel in 1913, problems arose due to the high relief of the "FIVE CENTS" on the reverse side wearing out.  The design was modified by Charles Barber.  Therefore, as of 1913, there are two varieties of the Buffalo Nickel known as: FIVE CENTS on Raised Ground and FIVE CENTS in RECESS.  Overlooked was the date on the Buffalo Nickel, that was also placed in relief which has exposed it to heavy wear.  The issue was never addressed by the US Mint, therefore, many Buffalo Nickels have their date partially or completely worn due to circulation.  

Another Interesting variety of the Buffalo Nickel was produced in 1937.  The 1937-D "3-legged" Buffalo Nickel from the Denver Mint is very rare.  The right foreleg of the Buffao was accidentally ground off in the process of removing undesirable marks from the die.  The Buffalo Nickel was issued from 1913-1938 by the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints.

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