Liberty Head V Nickels Coin Collecting Starter Set with Album, Book, and Coins

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Our Coin Collecting Starter Set for Liberty Head V Nickels is both Inspiring & Educational!

This Coin Collecting Starter Set is a great way to learn about and start collecting the Liberty Head V Nickel Series!  Included are the Littleton Liberty Head V Nickel Album, the Red Book on Shield and Liberty Head Nickels, and 10 different Liberty Head Nickels to start the collection! 
  • This album contains 2 pages with spaces for all regular issues from the P, D and S Mints from 1883 to 1912, plus the "With CENTS" and "Without CENTS" varieties. Seventeen spaces are unlabeled at the end of the album for additional storage.  Also included is a pair of white cotton gloves.
  • Bowers offers detailed information including history of the Shield and Liberty Head nickel series. Also within these pages you will find market values, auction records, photos of every coin in the series, enlargements of important features, mintages, specifications and more.
  • These Liberty Head Nickels are circulated and will grade G-4 or better.  You will receive ten unique Liberty Head Nickels with different dates and/or mint marks.

Information on the Liberty Head V Nickels Series

In 1881, Mint Director Archibald Snowden decided to unify the designs of the 1-cent, 3-cent, and 5-cent coins.  Mint Chief Engraver, Charles Barber, was chosen to design the new coins.  Snowden was unable to gain the required support to change the 1-cent and 3-cent designs, so only the 5-cent design was produced for circulation.  Barber chose Lady Liberty wearing a coronet and  facing left for the obverse design.  She is surrounded by thirteen stars to represent the original thirteen colonies.  the reverse side displays the Roman numeral V inside a wreath made of ears of corn, ears of wheat, bolls, and leaves of cotton.

Controversy immediately followed the release of this nickel, as the denomination, "CENTS," did not appear on the coin.  Counterfeiters reeded the edges and plated the nickels in gold to pass them off as 5 dollar gold coins.  These were known as "Racketeer" nickels.  Within the year, the mint added the denomination to the reverse side.  Liberty Head, or "V" Nickels, were issued by the Philadelphia Mint from 1883-1912, and by the Denver and San Francisco Mints in 1912.

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