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Roosevelt Silver Dimes (1946-1964) $1 Face Value Lot of 10 Different Coins G+ Condition

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We are pleased to offer for sale this $1 Face Value Lot of Ten Roosevelt Silver Dimes (1946 - 1964).  These lots of 10 Roosevelt Silver Dime coins are circulated and will grade Good or better. These Roosevelt Silver Dimes are nice original coins and represent a great value for the price.  You will receive ten unique Roosevelt Silver Dimes with different dates and/or mint marks.

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The Roosevelt dime was issued in 1946 to honor the recently deceased Franklin D. Roosevelt. The dime was selected as the coin to bear President Roosevelt's image since he had been a strong proponent of the March of Dimes Campaign to battle polio. The image of Roosevelt was created by John Ray Sinnock and accepted after many revisions to lend more dignity to the design. Controversy immediately followed the release of the coin. Sculptor Selma Burke, who had submitted a portrait of Roosevelt five years earlier, claimed Sinnock used her work as a model for his own design. The public also believed that the engraver's initials of JS stood for Joseph Stalin, furthering the paranoia and mistrust of Communism at that time.

Initially, the Roosevelt Dime was composed of 90% silver and 10% copper. However, in 1965 the worldwide rising price of silver caused the Mint to remove silver from the composition of the Roosevelt Dime. It was changed to a Copper-Nickel clad composition, although some Proof coins were struck in silver for collectors.

Roosevelt Dimes were minted from 1946-1964 at the Philadelphia, Denver , and San Francisco mints. Roosevelt Silver Dimes weigh 2.50 grams, have a diameter of 17.9mm with a composition of .900 silver and .100 copper (90% Silver) for a net weight of .07234 oz. of pure silver.

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