Photo Sleeves 6x9 w/ Stands by BCW 10 Pack 6 x 9 Topload Holders with Stands

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We are pleased to offer for sale this 10 Pack of Photo Sleeves 6x9 with Stands for 6x9 Photos by BCW.  These 6 x 9 Topload Holders with Stands are made from high impact grade rigid PVC.  The PVC used in the Photo Sleeves contains no plasticizers or stearates and will not harm your photos.  The super clear plastic makes the Photo Sleeve a perfect way to showcase and preserve your photos and postcards.  The photo or postcard slips right into the top of these Photo Sleeves and the stand folds open to display your items.  These top loading rigid Photo Sleeves are new from our inventory and come in a pack of 10.  Each Photo Sleeve measures 6 5/16"  x 9 3/16" inches.

Brand: BCW
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