Dansco Archival Sleeve Slipcase for 3/4" Binder Albums

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This listing is for Dansco Archival Quality Slipcase for 3/4" binders. Dansco archival quality slipcase has been produced with Silver-Guard corrosion-inhibiting protection. No other product on the market matches Silver-Guard protection against corrosion. Unlike other competing anti-corrosion albums that incorporate only a 1/2 mil of anti-corrosion material, Silver guard offers a dense 2-mil coating for years of protection. This Slipcase fits all Dansco Coin Albums with 3/4" binders: 7098, 8102, 7103, 6121, 6151 vol-1 and vol-2, 7166, 7172, 7173, 7174, 71817062, 7065, 70667092, 7065-3, , 7148, This slipcase is new from our inventory.

Brand: Dansco
MPN: 3/4" 4-5 Pgs
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