25 Kointain Museum Quality Coin Holders for DIMES

Item # IT002574
Retail / MSRP $9.50 Our price $ 8.69
This listing is for E&T Kointain Holders for Dimes. Each order is for a package of 25 holders. This item is new from our inventory.

E&T Kointainers are the preferred coin storage product of museums. They are safe for long term storage because they contain no PVC and form a virtually airtight seal around the coin. They are packaged and produced under conditions which prevent contamination from dust, oil, or other harmful elements. These holders give you some of the best protection for your coins and are well worth the money. The holder is convex, so it only touches the side of the coin which protects the face from any damage due to contact with the holder. From a distance it appears as if the coins are not in any holders. These holders come in two pieces and fit together easily.
Brand: Kointain

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Dime (10C)
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