Susan B Anthony Dollar Set 1979 - 1999 Complete BU & Proof Set w/ Rare 1981-S Type 2 SBA Proof (18 coins) in Dansco Album # 8180

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We are pleased to offer for sale this Susan B Anthony Dollar Set including 1979 through 1999 P, D,& S SBA Dollars in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) and Proof condition together with a Susan B Anthony Dollars Album (#8180) and Slipcase by Dansco. A total of 18 Susan B Anthony Dollars are included in this set. These Susan B Anthony Dollars are Brilliant Uncirculated and Gem Proof. All of our BU coins have nice eye appeal and no major marks or visible problems. They are taken either from original BU rolls or Mint Sets.  All of our Proof coins have nice eye appeal and no major marks or visible problems as well. They are taken from original U.S. Mint Proof Sets.  This Susan B Anthony Dollar Set includes one of each Susan B Anthony Dollar struck from 1979 through 1999 from the Philadelphia (P), Denver (D), and San Francisco (S) Mints.

The Dansco Susan B Anthony Dollars Album includes 2 pages and holds all of the BU and Proof Susan B Anthony Dollars that were produced from 1979 to1999.  Dansco albums feature two gold-stamped posts within the brown leatherette binder to hold the pages in place. Clear plastic slides within each page ensure secure storage and allow for easy viewing of both sides of the coins. Information on each Susan B Anthony Dollar is imprinted under the port for the coin on the page.  The Dansco archival quality slipcase is produced with Silver-Guard corrosion-inhibiting protection. No other product on the market matches Silver-Guard protection against corrosion. Unlike other competing anti-corrosion albums that incorporate only a 1/2 mm of anti-corrosion material, Silver-Guard offers a dense 2 mm coating for years of protection.  Both the Susan B Anthony Dollars album and slipcase are new from our inventory and made in the U.S.A.

The 18 Susan B Anthony Dollars, Dansco Susan B Anthony Dollars Album, and Dansco Slipcase included in the set are:
1979-D Susan B Anthony SBA Dollar 2.59 1980-S SBA Dollar PROOF 6.59
1979-P SBA Dollar Narrow Rim / Far Date 2.59 1981-D Susan B Anthony SBA Dollar 4.99
1979-P SBA Dollar Wide Rim / Near Date 39.99 1981-P Susan B Anthony SBA Dollar 4.99
1979-S Susan B Anthony SBA Dollar 3.59 1981-S Susan B Anthony SBA Dollar 4.99
1979-S Type 1 SBA Dollar PROOF 6.59 1981-S Type 1 SBA Dollar PROOF 6.59
1979-S Type 2 SBA Dollar PROOF 89.99 1981-S Type 2 SBA Dollar PROOF 199.99
1980-D Susan B Anthony SBA Dollar 2.59 1999-D Susan B Anthony SBA Dollar 6.99
1980-P Susan B Anthony SBA Dollar 2.59 1999-P Susan B Anthony SBA Dollar 7.99
1980-S Susan B Anthony SBA Dollar 2.59 1999-P SBA Dollar PROOF 31.99
Dansco SBA Dollars Album 8180 40.89 Dansco Archival Slipcase 21.79
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Information on the Susan B Anthony Dollar series:

The Susan B Anthony Dollar was struck by the US Mint from 1979 through 1981 and then again in 1999.  The coin depicts Susan B Anthony, a prominent American civil rights leader.  She was instrumental in the 19th century women's right movement introducing women's suffrage into the US.  The Susan B Anthony Dollar was the first US circulating coin to depict a woman that was not a mythical female icon.  The Susan B Anthony Dollars or 'Susies' failed to circulate well after initial release.  It did not make sense to the general public that the SBA Dollar was smaller and weighed less than the half dollar.  Also, because of their similar size and similar color the 'Susies' where often mistaken for quarters.  A large number of Susan B Anthony Dollars where minted in 1979.  Because of the poor circulation only a small number of SBA Dollars where minted in 1980 and only Mint sets in 1981.  The Treasury's supply lasted until 1998. The 'Susies' were finally restruck in 1999 due to demand for dollar coins.  The Susan B Anthony Dollar was replaced the following year with the Sacagawea Dollar.

Chief US Mint Engraver Frank Gasparro designed the coin featuring a depiction of Susan B Anthony on the obverse.  The reverse commemorates the Apollo11 Moon landing with an image of the mission insignia which was also present on the previously issued Eisenhower Dollar.  The Susan B Anthony Dollar also features a hendecagon or 11 sided rim bordering the edge of both sides.  The 11 sided shape matches the shape of the silicon wafer with the Apollo 11 Goodwill Messages left on the Moon's Sea of Tranquility.  The Susan B Anthony Dollar weighs 8.1 grams and has a diameter of 26.5 mm.  It is composed of an outer layer of .750 copper and .250 nickel bonded to an inner core of pure copper.  The SBA Dollar also features a reeded edge.

This Susan B Anthony Dollar Set makes a great gift for the beginning collector through the experienced numismatist!

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