Coin Holder 1/2 oz Austrian Philharmonic Gold by Lighthouse (QUADRUM 29) 10 Pack of 29mm 2x2 Plastic Coin Holders

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This listing is for a 10 Pack of Coin Holders for 1/2 oz Austrian Philharmonic Gold, or 5 Euro Austrian, or $100 Canada Gold, or any 29mm Coins by Lighthouse (QUADRUM 29). Each Coin Holder is 2x2 inches square in size.  The Coin Holders are made of durable, crystal clear, scratch resistant plastic. Each Coin Holder and Coin Holder insert are chemically inert and free of PVC, acids, and softeners.  The Coin Holders provide a tight closure yet are easy to open. The Coin Holders are new from our inventory.

The Lighthouse QUADRUM Coin Holder system allows you to collect coins with different diameters in one practical square Coin Holder format.  With outside dimensions of 2x2 inches these Coin Holders fit a wide variety of coin boxes, trays, and presentation cases.  Organizing your coin collection is easier than ever with these Lighthouse QUADRUM Coin Holders.

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Brand: Lighthouse

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