Coin Box Quadrum by Lighthouse (NOBILE Q50) 50mm Coin Box w/ Velvet and Silk Lining for Quadrum Holders

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This listing is for a Coin Box for a Quadrum Holder by Lighthouse (NOBILE Q50) 50mm.  These NOBILE Coin Boxes are an elegant way to store and present your encapsulated coin. Each Coin Box is 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1" in size.  These high quality Coin Boxes feature a silk lined lid and black velvet inlay.  Each Coin Box also features a sturdy metal frame that protects your coin.  Each Coin Box is covered with matt black leatherette.  A satin ribbon inside the lid of the Coin Box can hold a personal message if desired.  The Coin Boxes are new from our inventory.

All QUADRUM Coin Holders by Lighthouse fit this NOBILE Coin Box for Quadrum Holders.

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Brand: Lighthouse
MPN: Nobile Q50

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