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Price Guide for Canadian Coins Professional Edition 9th by M.K. Blais

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We are pleased to offer for sale this Price Guide for Canadian Coins Professional Edition 9th by M.K. Blais.  This  620 page paperback is a comprehensive guide to Canadian coins.

  • Over 13,500 listings representing more than 15,400 different coins and sets using nearly 129,000 price points.
  • Listings and pricing for over 9,000 business denomination coins from 1 cent to 2 dollars.  
  • Listings and for hundreds of variety coins, including replica coins, counterfeit coins and counter-stamped coins.
  • Listings and pricing for over 3,200 collector coins and sets including bullion coins, gold collector coins and after market coins.
  • Listings and pricing for 300 business denomination sets.
  • Listings and pricing for nearly 750 provincial coins and sets dating from 1823 to 1947.
  • Listings and pricing for over 600 error coins dating from 1852 to 2009.
  • Listings and pricing for nearly 1,600 Tokens dating from 1670 to about 1893.
  • Pricing for High Grade coins in MS, PL and SP condition; with grades up to MS66, PL68 and SP68.
  • A chapter called ‘Finding Value’ – designed to help collectors find value in the market place.
  • A section called ‘Value Comparison Tables’ that helps collectors compare the value of coins with each other.
  • A section that contains the change in basic coin prices from the previous issue of this guide to the current issue.
  • Two appendices to quickly identify tokens, their Breton Numbers, and the section their pricing can be found.
  • Basics on coin collecting and grading, including obverse images.

This is a brand new book from our inventory.

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