2016 QUARTER PROOF SET * ORIGINAL * 5 Coin U.S. Mint Proof Set

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We are pleased to offer for sale this 2016 U.S. Mint America the Beautiful National Park Quarters Proof Set. This 2016 Quarter Proof Set includes all 5 Proof Clad America the Beautiful National Park Quarters:

  • Illinois - Shawnee National Forest Quarter

    This 280,000 acre forest is located in the Ozark and Shawnee Hills of Southern Illinois. The area was declared a National Forest by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1939. The forest lies between the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers and contains rolling hills, forests, open lands, lakes, creeks and rugged bluffs. The weather in the area is mild the whole year, making it a popular all season tourist destination.

  • Kentucky - Cumberland Gap National Historical Park Quarter

    The Cumberland Gap is a large natural break in the Appalachian Mountains occupying the borders between Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. It covers 20,508 acres and was established on June 11, 1940. The Gap creates a natural path from north to south, attracting many migratory animals and fertile soil which in turn attracted Native Americans. The Gap was also the primary transit route for American settlers moving west into Kentucky.

  • West Virginia - Harpers Ferry National Historical Park Quarter

    Robert Harper secured the land located at the meeting of the Potomac and the Shenandoah rivers in 1751 and began a ferry business to move people and goods across the rivers. The American Civil War put Harpers Ferry right in between the Union and Confederate forces. The town changed hands at least eight times during the war. Today there are several historical museums located in the 4,000 acre park and nearly 500,000 people visit the park each year.

  • North Dakota - Theodore Roosevelt National Park Quarter

    Theodore Roosevelt visited the North Dakota badlands in 1883. During that bison hunting trip he fell in love with the rugged lifestyle and the "freedom" of the West. Over time he acquired two large ranches. He enjoyed his time ranching and hunting and detailed his experiences in several articles published in eastern magazines and newspapers. He also detailed his experiences in 3 different books. His experiences influenced the conservation policies he put in place during his time as President of the United States from 1901 to 1909. After his death, in 1919, the badlands were explored to determine possible park sites. Over the next fifty years three units were identified and established as the Theodore Roosevelt National park. The park has scenic drives, foot trails, horse trails, wildlife viewing, back country hiking and camping. They are home to many animals including bison, mountain lions, wild horses, elk, bighorn sheep, deer, prairie dogs and over 186 species of birds.

  • South Carolina - Fort Moultrie Fort Sumter National Monument Quarter

    Fort Sumter is a sea fort in Charleston, South Carolina and Fort Moultrie is a series of fortifications on Sullivan's Island in South Carolina. All were built to protect the city of Charleston. The sites played key roles in battles during several American Wars. Fort Sumter can be accessed via a 30 minute ferry from or via private boat. A visit to Fort Moultrie will move back through time, beginning with it's role as a World War II Harbor Entrance Control Post and ending at the site of the Palmetto log fort of 1776 which saved Charleston from a British invasion.

All of the coins were struck at the San Francisco Mint in 2016. All of our Proof Sets contain coins with nice eye appeal and no visible problems. These 2016 Quarter Proof Sets come in the original box with COA from the US Mint.

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