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6" Green Mini Stackable Gold Sifter - 10 holes per square inch

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We are pleased to offer for sale this 6" Mini Stackable Gold Classifier Sifter - Gold Panning Equipment for Prospecting.  This Gold Classifier  has built in stainless steel mesh (10 holes per square inch) firmly attached to its green plastic frame.  This Sifter for Gold Prospecting has adiameter of 6".   This Gold Sifter is an important part of any prospecting kit, and has the added utility of fitting perfectly upon other Mini Classifying Sifters.  In fact, Gold Classifers are specifically made to work in conjunction with multiple sized mesh classifiers in one stack.  This Gold Sifter pulls out anything larger than the mesh size, rocks that you do not want in your gold pan, and makes the panning step easier and more fun.

Information on How to Pan for Gold!

  1. Where can you find gold?  With the right setup, some basic knowledge, patience, a little luck, and the right equipment, you can find gold in many places across the U.S. 
  2. Use classifier(s) to selectively filter out particles of different sizes.  Most prospectors that use these mesh strainers check through each layer for possible gold, and then pan out the residual.
  3. Shovel a small amount of strained material (4-5 handfuls) into your Gold Pan.  Make sure all material in the pan is wet (It is advised that you keep the pan underwater while panning).  Break up any clumps of material, and remove any rocks that you have not filtered out.
  4. Swirl the Gold Pan in a counter-clockwise motion. Swirling does 2 things: I. Allows gold to begin settling at the bottom of the Gold Pan.  II. Brings unwanted dirt and gravel to the top of the Gold Pan.
  5. After swirling, switch motion to a gentle "side to side" motion which helps with the gold settling to the bottom of the Gold Pan.
  6. Tip your Gold Pan and allow the current to rinse off the top layer of dirt and gravel. **Be careful to only rinse one layer at a time, gold could be washed away if too much material is rinsed at once.
  7. Slowly move your Gold Pan forwards and backwards to assist in the washing away of unwanted materials.
  8. Repeat steps 2 through 5 until you only have a few spoonfuls of material left in your Gold Pan. This material usually looks like black sand. 
  9. Look in your pan for gold flakes or slivers, if they are present, swirl hard enough to keep them collected at the bottom of the Gold Pan.
  10. Collect your GOLD and celebrate!!
MPN: GP4-10
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