State Quarters Complete Type Set 1999 to 2008 50 Brilliant Uncirculated Coins *All Designs Released*

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Composition: .750 Copper, .250 Nickel
Edge Type: Reeded
Diameter: 24.30 mm
Mass: 5.67 g
Denomination: Quarter

We are pleased to offer for sale this State Quarters Complete Type Set from 1999 through 2008 including all State Quarters released. A total of 50  State Quarters are included in the State Quarter Set. These State Quarters are Brilliant Uncirculated.   All of our BU coins have nice eye appeal and no major marks or visible problems. This State Quarter Set includes one of each State Quarter design released. Every quarter in this set is taken either from original BU rolls or Mint Sets. Coins come in tubes.

List of State Quarters released:

1999 Delaware State Quarter 2004 Michigan State Quarter
1999 Pennsylvania State Quarter 2004 Florida State Quarter
1999 New Jersey State Quarter 2004 Texas State Quarter
1999 Georgia State Quarter 2004 Iowa State Quarter
1999 Connecticut State Quarter 2004 Wisconsin State Quarter
2000 Massachusetts State Quarter 2005 California State Quarter
2000 Maryland State Quarter 2005 Minnesota State Quarter
2000 South Carolina State Quarter 2005 Oregon State Quarter
2000 New Hampshire State Quarter 2005 Kansas State Quarter
2000 Virginia State Quarter 2005 West Virginia State Quarter
2001 New York State Quarter 2006 Nevada State Quarter
2001 North Carolina State Quarter 2006 Nebraska State Quarter
2001 Rhode Island State Quarter 2006 Colorado State Quarter
2001 Vermont State Quarter 2006 North Dakota State Quarter
2001 Kentucky State Quarter 2006 South Dakota State Quarter
2002 Tennessee State Quarter 2007 Montana State Quarter
2002 Ohio State Quarter 2007 Washington State Quarter
2002 Louisiana State Quarter 2007 Idaho State Quarter
2002 Indiana State Quarter 2007 Wyoming State Quarter
2002 Mississippi State Quarter 2007 Utah State Quarter
2003 Illinois State Quarter 2008 Oklahoma State Quarter
2003 Alabama State Quarter 2008 New Mexico State Quarter
2003 Maine State Quarter 2008 Arizona State Quarter
2003 Missouri State Quarter 2008 Alaska State Quarter
2003 Arkansas State Quarter 2008 Hawaii State Quarter

Information on the 50 State Quarters:

A unique event in the history of United States coinage began in 1999 when the U.S Mint released the first five issues of a total of 50 different quarters commemorating the 50 United States.  The State Quarter series ran from 1999 through 2008.

The State Quarters were issued at a rate of five different quarter designs per year, with coins struck in the same order the states entered the Union.  In the case of the thirteen original colonies, coins were released in the order they ratified the Constitution.

Each unique reverse design was proposed by its respective State then approved by the Secretary of the Treasury.  State Quarter designs honor the history, geography, or traditions of each State, and are produced by the staff engravers at the U.S. Mint. A new Obverse for the State Quarter was designed by Mint Sculptor-engraver William Cousins featuring the words "United States of America", "Quarter Dollar", "Liberty", and "In God We Trust" as well as a sharpened image of George Washington.

The standard weight of the State Quarters is 5.670 grams and the standard diameter is .955 inches.  They have reeded edges and a cupro-nickel clad composition (8.33% nickel, Balance CU) .

Check out all of our State Quarters by Date!

This State Quarter Set is a complete set of every State Quarter design released!

State Quarters Complete Type Set 1999 to 2008 50 Brilliant Uncirculated Coins *All Designs Released*
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