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Sacagawea Dollar (2000-2008) 3 Different Coin Lot Brilliant Uncirculated Condition

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We are pleased to offer for sale these Three Different Sacagawea Dollars (2000-2008).  These Sacagawea Dollar coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. All of our Sacagawea Golden Dollars are nice original coins and represent a great value for the price.  You will receive three unique Sacagawea Dollars with different dates and/or mint marks.

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         Sacagawea, a Shoshone woman, was an interpreter and guide on the 1804 expedition of Lewis and Clark. The obverse of the coin is an image of Sacagawea and was designed by Glenna Goodacre, who used a 22-year-old Shoshone woman named Randy'L He-dow Teton as the model. The reverse was designed by Thomas D. Rogers and features a soaring Bald Eagle surrounded by 17 stars representing the 17 states of the Union at the time of the Expedition. Initially, Sacagawea was to be the figure of Liberty, depicted as a Native American woman and inspired by the story of Sacagawea. During the design competition, the "liberty" portion of the design specification seemed to fade away, and most of the acceptable designs dropped liberty from the design all together, focusing completely on the story of Sacagawea.

    In accordance with the United States $1 Coin Act of 1997, Sacagawea dollars began being issued in 2000. The Sacagawea was to replace the unpopular Susan B. Anthony Dollars, which were often confused with, and were very similar in look and feel, to quarter dollars. In an effort to remove this confusion and to create a popular new coin, the United States $1 Coin Act of 1997 specified that the Sacagawea Dollar was to be gold in color and that it have a smooth edge like that of the Jefferson Nickel.

    In spite of heavy promotion by the government, these coins have been almost as unpopular with the public as the Susan B. Anthony Dollar. Demand for the Sacagawea Dollars was so low that production of the dollars for circulation was halted on March 31, 2002. Sacagawea Dollars are still being minted in small quantities for collectors. The $1 dollar coins are available from banks and automated vending machines but are rarely used by merchants. As a result, the coins tend to be returned to the banks almost as fast as the banks give them out.

    Although the Sacagawea Dollar has had a hard time finding popularity in the United States, it is very popular in Ecuador and some other foreign countries that have made the United States Dollar their currency. An estimated, 500 million coins, or roughly half the Sacagawea Dollars that have been minted, are in use in Ecuador, El Salvador and other non US countries.

    In 2009, the United States Mint changed the Sacagawea Dollar to a coin honoring all Native Americans.  The Mint began issuing $1 coins featuring an obverse with the same Sacagawea portrait, and a reverse that would change with every issue.  This new reverse was intended to feature designs celebrating the important contributions made by Indian tribes and individual Native Americans to the history and development of the United States. 

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