1994-P Matte Finish Jefferson Nickel in PCGS SP 69 FS (Full Steps) SMS

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We are pleased to offer for sale this 1994-P Matte Finish Jefferson Nickel coin graded and encapsulated as SP-69 FS (Full Steps) SMS by PCGS.  Matte Finish Nickels were exclusively available in the 1993 Thomas Jefferson Coin and Currency Commemorative Set. There were only 167,703 of these 1994 Special Uncirculated Jefferson Nickels minted at the Philadelphia (P) Mint. 

The Jefferson Nickel series has run from 1938 to Date. This variety of Jefferson Nickel (1938-1942, 1946 to Date) weighs 5 grams and is comprised of .750 copper and .250 nickel. These Jefferson Nickels have a diameter of 21.2mm with a plain edge. This Jefferson Nickel is of great value to the collector who needs to fill a hole in their Jefferson Nickel set. We offer an incredible selection of PCGS and NGC certified Jefferson Nickels!

Don't miss out on this rare 1994-P Matte Finish Jefferson Nickel in PCGS SP 69 FS SMS at this low price!

At a glance
Philadelphia (P)
Coin Type: 
Jefferson Nickel
Nickel (5C)
Grade Detail: 
.75 (75%) Copper and .25 (25%) Nickel
Edge Type: 
21.21 mm
5.00 grams (each)
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What is a Certified Coin?


Certified coins, also known as slabbed coins or just slabs, are coins that have been graded by a third-party grading service. Once graded, the coin is sonically sealed in a tamper-evident plastic coin holder known as a slab. Certified coins can provide an extra measure of security when buying coins, insuring that the coin is authentic, problem free and un-doctored. Furthermore, some services offer an additional guarantee that the coin has not been over graded and maintain policies to protect the buyer.

All of the respected services grade coins according to wear, using industry standards. These standards can be found in two books, Official A.N.A. Grading Standards for United States Coins and the book Photograde: A Photographic Grading Guide for United States Coins.

In the business of coin grading, there are two services that stand out, Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), and Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC). Both were established in the mid 1980s and are considered the "Gold Standard" of grading services. These are the companies that every other company is compared to.

Both PCGS & NGC guarantee the grade and authenticity of any Certified Coin that meets their high standards. Each coin is closely examined by two or three expert graders and then sonically sealed in a tamper-evident plastic holder, with a serial number, description & grade. PCGS & NGC coins can be traded site unseen with confidence.