Two Dollar Bill Red Seal Series 1928 US Currency Good or Better

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We are pleased to offer for sale this Two Dollar Bill Red Seal Series 1928 US Currency Good or Better.  These Red Seal Two Dollar Bills are nice original bills which grade good or better.  These Red Seal Two Dollar Bills are US Legal Tender Notes that circulated at the same time as Silver Certificates.  These notes are Series 1928 (random pick our choice 1928, 1928-A through G).  Each bill comes in a currency sleeve for protection.  These Red Seal Two Dollar Bills will make a nice addition to any currency collection!

Information on these Red Seal Series 1928 Two Dollar Bills:

In 1929 all US Currency was changed to its current modern size.  The $2 bill was kept only as a United States Legal Tender Note.  The obverse features a cropped version of Thomas Jefferson's portrait that was previously featured on $2 bills.  The reverse of the bill depicts Monticello, the Jefferson's home. The note's seal and serial numbers are printed in red.  The series 1928 bill can be differentiated from future series by the placement of the treasury seal on the left of the obverse of the note, super-imposed by the legal tender obligation.  Also, on the right of the obverse "TWO" is  printed in large gray letters.  (In future series the seal is super-imposed over "TWO" on the right side of the note.)

What is a Red Seal Note?

Red Seal Notes are United States Currency known as either United States Notes or Legal Tender Notes.  Legal Tender Notes are the longest lived of all  U.S. Currency, first authorized in the Act of Congress of May 3, 1878 and issued through 1971.  Large-size Legal Tender Notes were issued only through 1929, after which the currency changed to the smaller "modern size" notes still used today.  All Small-size Legal Tender Notes have red seals, and therefore they are referred to as Red Seal Notes or Red Seal Bills.  Red Seal Notes have been issued in $1, $2, $5, and $100 denominations.  The Mint also printed but did not issue $10 and $20 denominations.  

Only one issue of the $1 Red Seal Note was printed, the series 1928. The $2 Red Seal Notes were printed in multiple series:  1928, 1928 A through G, 1953, 1953 A through C, 1963, and 1963 A.  $5 Red Seal Notes were also printed in multiple series: 1928, 1928 A through F, 1953, 1953 A through C, and 1963.  The $100 Red Seal Notes were printed in series 1966 and 1966 A.

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