Capital Plastics 2x6 Holder - US GOLD EAGLES in White

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This listing is for a Capital Plastics 2x6 Holder for 4 Coin U.S. Gold Eagles in White. This holder has spaces for 1/10th, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 Ounce Gold Eagles. Each of the weights is labeled below the space for the coin. Each order is for a single holder. This item is new from our inventory.

Capital Plastics 2x6 holders are made from high quality acrylic which does not contain any sulfur, acid, polyvinyl chloride, or oily substances and does not fade or discolor. They consists of clear front and back plates and a center plate with the coin openings which is available in either black, white, or red depending on the holder. The center plate has the type of set printed in gold text for easy identification. These plates screw together to hold your coin securely in place.
Brand: Capital Plastics
MPN: 415G
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