Littleton Blank Collection Portfolio Album LCA66

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This listing is for Littleton Blank Collection Portfolio with Slipcase. This binder is designed to hold 3-pocket clear pages for modern currency, 6-pocket clear pages for slabs, and 16-pocket clear pages for 2x2 holders. Each order is for a binder and slipcase only, pages are not included.The binder measures are approximately 11" x 10.125" x 2".

Littleton's Collection Portfolio allows you to assemble your own unique collection of slabs, currency, and 2x2 holders. Littleton albums are acid-free and PVC-free to provide archival-quality, long-term storage of your coins. The sturdy 3-ring binder holds the pages in place. Made in U.S.A. You will find the full line of Littleton albums, blank pages, corrosion protection pages, and slipcases in our listings.
Brand: Littleton
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