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Poster Frame by BCW 24x36 Poster Frame Toploader

Item # IT033490
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We are pleased to offer for sale this Poster Frame by BCW. This 24 x 36 Poster Frame Toploader is made to store and display posters, photographs, prints, and documents measuring 24" x 36".  The high clarity, high impact, rigid, PVC Poster Frame is ideal for long term storage. The PVC used contains no plasticizers or stearates and will not migrate or harm your items. These Poster Frames open at the top for easy insertion. The Poster Frame holds a single poster, photo, print, or document. No wall hanging hardware is included with these clear plastic toploading 24x36 sleeves. This listing is for a single Poster Frame which is new from our inventory.

Brand: BCW
MPN: 1-TLCH-24x36

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