World Paper Money Errors by Morland C. Fischer - Paperback

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We are pleased to offer for sale World Paper Money Errors by Morland C. Fischer.  This 250 page, full color reference book features a foreword by David F. Cieniewicz.  World Paper Money Errors looks at odd shapes, upside down prints, intriguing cuts and folds, and missing design elements as well as many other printing errors experienced on foreign notes.

Chapters included in World Paper Money Errors:
  • Values
  • The 'FEN' ( Foreign Error Note ) Scale
  • Disparity Between US and World Paper Money Error Note Values
  • Comparison of Similar US and World Paper Money Errors and Market Value
  • World Error Note Examples by FEN Category including:
  • Overprint / Underprint  Shift Errors
  • Inverted Faces / Backs
  • Inverted Overprints
  • Missing Overprints
  • Duplicate ( Extra ) Prints
  • Mismatched Serial Numbers
  • Missing Design Portions
  • Blank Backs
  • Offset Errors
  • Gutter ( Interior) Fold Errors
  • Cutting and Folding Errors
  • Printed ( Exterior ) Errors
  • Alignment Errors
  • Cutting Errors
  • Inking Errors
  • Obstructions
  • Plate errors
  • Multiple Errors
  • Miscellaneous Errors
  • An Appendix on Real or Pseudo Errors

World Paper Money Errors was written with special assistance from Neil  and Joel Shafer with pricing by George and Christopher LeBarre.  With over 200 examples of dramatic, colorful, and intriguing world paper money errors, collectors are exposed to a new form of collecting world paper money. World Paper Money Errors is a new book from our inventory.

MPN: 1933990252

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World Paper Money Errors
Morland C. Fischer
Zyrus Press
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