Jefferson Nickel Set 1938 -1961 Complete CIRC Nickel Set (65 Coins) w/ Littleton Folder LCF25

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We are pleased to offer for sale this Jefferson Nickel Set, it includes all business strike Jefferson Nickels from 1938 - 1961 (including the Jefferson Silver War Nickels from 1942 - 1945) in Circulated G-4 or Better condition, a Littleton Jefferson Nickels Folder LCF25, and a Pair of White Cotton Gloves to Handle Coins.

The 65 Jefferson Nickels included in this Jefferson Nickel Set are all in circulated G-4 or better condition.  These coins were issued from 1938 through 1961 from the Philadelphia (P), Denver (D), and San Francisco (S) Mints.  The Jefferson Nickels will come in a tube.  We provide a pair of cotton gloves to handle your Jefferson Nickels without harm while placing them into your Jefferson Nickel folder. 

The 65 Jefferson Nickels, Jefferson Nickels Folder, and Cotton Gloves included in the set are:

1938 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 1.49 1948-S Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89
1938-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 2.49 1949 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.99
1938-S Jefferson Nickel CIRC 3.59 1949-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.99
1939 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89 1949-S Jefferson Nickel CIRC 1.29
1939-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 7.99 1950 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 1.29
1939-S Jefferson Nickel CIRC 3.49 1950-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 12.99
1940 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79 1951 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89
1940-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79 1951-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89
1940-S Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.99 1951-S Jefferson Nickel CIRC 1.49
1941 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89 1952 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89
1941-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89 1952-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89
1941-S Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.99 1952-S Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89
1942 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89 1953 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79
1942-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 1.59 1953-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79
1942-P Jefferson Silver War Nickel CIRC 3.99 1953-S Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79
1942-S Jefferson Silver War Nickel CIRC 3.99 1954 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79
1943-D Jefferson Silver War Nickel CIRC 3.99 1954-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79
1943-P Jefferson Silver War Nickel CIRC 3.99 1954-S Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79
1943-S Jefferson Silver War Nickel CIRC 3.99 1955 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89
1944-D Jefferson Silver War Nickel CIRC 3.99 1955-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79
1944-P Jefferson Silver War Nickel CIRC 3.99 1956 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79
1944-S Jefferson Silver War Nickel CIRC 3.99 1956-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79
1945-D Jefferson Silver War Nickel CIRC 3.99 1957 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79
1945-P Jefferson Silver War Nickel CIRC 3.99 1957-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79
1945-S Jefferson Silver War Nickel CIRC 3.99 1958 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79
1946 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89 1958-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79
1946-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89 1959 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79
1946-S Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.99 1959-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.79
1947 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89 1960 Jefferson Nickel BU 0.75
1947-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89 1960-D Jefferson Nickel BU 0.75
1947-S Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89 1961 Jefferson Nickel BU 0.75
1948 Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89 1961-D Jefferson Nickel BU 0.75
1948-D Jefferson Nickel CIRC 0.89

Littleton Jefferson Nickels Folder 3.25 White Cotton Gloves 0.89
Total Price for items if purchased separately: $ n/a
Our Price as a Set: 54.99
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  • Information on the Jefferson Nickels series:
Due to problems in production of the Buffalo Nickel at many of the mints the Treasury Department wanted to replace the Buffalo Nickel with a new design commemorating Thomas Jefferson. In early 1938 the Treasury department held an open competition for all artists and sculptors to create the new design, requiring a portrait of Jefferson on the obverse and the image of Jefferson's home, Monticello, on the reverse along with the other standard requirements for all U.S. currency: year, motto IN GOD WE TRUST, the word LIBERTY, and the denomination FIVE CENTS. Felix Schlag won the competition though his image of Monticello was changed from a corner view to a full front view and other features of his original design were modified prior to release.

In October 1938 the Mint began producing the Jefferson Nickel. The initial composition was 75% copper and 25% nickel, though this was changed to 56% copper, 35% silver, and 7% manganese in 1942 as nickel was needed for military armor during World War II. To distinguish nickels produced with the new composition from the prior nickels the mintmark was enlarged and placed over the dome of Monticello instead of to it's right. This was the first instance of "P" being used to designate coins minted in Philadelphia. In 1946 the mint returned the composition to the original mix of copper and nickel which remains in place today. The mintmark was also returned to the prewar style.

From 1966 through 2002 the mint made only minor modifications to the design of the Jefferson Nickel. In 2003 the American 5-Cent Coin Continuity Act provided for the creation of five special reverses for nickels from 2004 through 2006 which would commemorate the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. These nickels were referred to as the "Westward Journey Nickel Series". The 2004 nickel had the original obverse designed by Schlag with either the "Peace Medal" reverse designed by Mint sculptor Norman E. Nemeth or the "Keelboat" reverse designed by Mint sculptor Al Maletsky. The 2005 nickel had a new portrait of Jefferson on the obverse designed by Joe Fitzgerald and rendered by Mint sculptor Don Everhart . The reverse was either the "American Bison" designed by Jamie Franki and produced by Norman E. Nemeth or "Ocean in View" designed by Joe Fitzgerald and produced by Mint sculptor Donna Weaver. In 2006 the final Westward Series Nickel, "Return to Monticello" featured Schlag's original depiction of Monticello on the reverse and a new portrait of Jefferson designed by Jamie Franki and sculpted by Donna Weaver on the obverse. This design remains in production today.

Jefferson Nickels were issued by the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints.
  • Information on the Littleton Jefferson Nickel Folder:

This 4 panel Jefferson Nickel Folder holds all the business strike Jefferson Nickels from 1938 through 1961.  The  Jefferson Nickel folder contains 66 ports.  65 ports are labeled with year, mint, and mintage figures for the Jefferson Nickels.  One port is left blank for you to customize your collection. This Jefferson Nickel folder measures 6.5" x 8.275" when closed.

This Jefferson Nickel Set is a great gift for the beginning collector through the experienced numismatist!

At a glance
Coin Type: 
Jefferson Nickel
Nickel (5C)
Circulated (CIRC)
Edge Type: 
21.21 mm
5.00 g (each)
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