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10 Lighthouse Coin Capsules for 22mm Coins 1/4 Oz American Eagle Gold or Platinum

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This listing is for Lighthouse Coin Capsules for 1/4 oz. Gold or Platinum Eagles, British Sovereign, 1/4 oz. Chinese Gold Pandas, 1/4 oz South African Gold Krugerrands, or 1/4 oz Austrian Philharmonics (22mm). The outside diameter of the capsule is 28.5mm. These capsules fit in Lighthouse coin case MB CAPS 22.5, which is available as a separate listing. Each order is for a box of 10 capsules. This is a new item from our inventory.

Lighthouse coin capsules are made of extra durable, scratch resistant acrylic. They are secure locking, but still easy to open.

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Brand: Lighthouse

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