Slab Coin Holder Inserts for SMALL DOLLARS by BCW 25 Pack White

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We are pleased to offer for sale this 25 Pack of Slab Coin Holder Inserts for SMALL DOLLARS by BCW. These white colored foam inserts are intended for use with Slab Coin Holders (see link below). The two-piece, clear plastic Slab Coin Holder snaps open and closed allowing you to slip in the foam insert to hold your SMALL DOLLAR (SBA, Sacagawea, Presidential or any other 26.5mm coin). The Slab Coin Holders are stackable and store nicely. The Slab Coin Holders measure 2.9" x 2.1" x .33". These SMALL DOLLAR inserts are new from our inventory.

***Please note these items are only the inserts...plastic coin holders sold separately**

Slab Holders intended for use with above Slab Holder Inserts:
Brand: BCW

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