2005 Quarters Set of 5 BU Coins 2005 State Quarters Denver (D) Mint

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We are pleased to offer for sale this 2005 Quarters Set. This 2005 State Quarters Set contains all five 2005 Quarters issued by the Denver (D) Mint.  These 2005 State Quarters are in GEM Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition.   All of our BU coins have nice eye appeal and no major marks or visible problems.  These 2005 Quarters are taken form original BU rolls or Mint Sets.  The 2005 State Quarters weigh 5.67 grams and are composed of outer layers of copper-nickel (.750 copper, .250 nickel) bonded to an inner core of pure copper.  The 2005 Quarters have a diameter of 24.3mm and feature a reeded edge.

The five 2005 State Quarters included are:
  • 2005-D California State Quarter
  • 2005-D Minnesota State Quarter
  • 2005-D Oregon State Quarter
  • 2005-D Kansas State Quarter
  • 2005-D West Virginia State Quarter

Don't miss your chance to own this 2005 Quarters Set at this low price!

At a glance
Denver (D)
Coin Type: 
State Quarter
Quarter (25C)
Brilliant Uncirculated (BU)
Clad of .75 (75%) Copper and .25 (25%) Nickel, bonded to a (100%) Copper core
Edge Type: 
24.30 mm
5.67 grams (each)
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