Harris 2x3 Westward Nickel Series KEELBOAT

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This listing is for an H.E. Harris 2x3 Westward Journey Nickel Series Holder for Lewis and Clark Nickels. This holder is designed for the 2004 "Lewis and Clark", "Keelboat" pattern of the "Westward Journey Nickel Series". The reverse of these coins has two layouts available in 2004 - "Keelboat" and "Peacemedal". Each holder has space for 2 nickels. Each order is for a single holder.

Harris holders are designed for coin display and long term storage. Each holder is made of durable materials that will not harm your coin. This specialty holder features imagery on both the front and back to enhance the presentation of your coins.
Brand: H.E. Harris
MPN: 5389

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Nickel (5C)
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