Peace Dollar Set 1921 - 1935 Complete Circulated Set w/ Rare 1928 Silver Dollar All Mints P, D, S (24 Coins) in Dansco Album # 7175

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We are pleased to offer for sale this Peace Dollar Set including 1921 through 1935 P, D,& S Peace Silver Dollars in Circulated condition together with a Peace Silver Dollars Album (#7175) and Slipcase by Dansco. A total of 24 Peace Dollars are included in this set. These Peace Dollars are circulated and will grade VG-8 or better. All of our circulated coins have no major marks or visible problems (just honest wear).  This Peace Silver Dollar Set includes one of each business strike Peace Dollar released from 1921 through 1935 from the Philadelphia (P), Denver (D), and San Francisco (S) Mints.  There is a gap in the sequence because no Peace Silver Dollars were produced between 1929 and 1933.

The Dansco Peace Silver Dollars Album includes 2 pages and holds all of the business strike Peace Silver Dollars that were produced from 1921 to1935.  Dansco albums feature two gold-stamped posts within the brown leatherette binder to hold the pages in place. Clear plastic slides within each page ensure secure storage and allow for easy viewing of both sides of the coins. Information on each Peace Dollar is imprinted under the port for the coin on the page.  The Dansco archival quality slipcase is produced with Silver-Guard corrosion-inhibiting protection. No other product on the market matches Silver-Guard protection against corrosion. Unlike other competing anti-corrosion albums that incorporate only a 1/2 mm of anti-corrosion material, Silver-Guard offers a dense 2 mm coating for years of protection.  Both the Peace Silver Dollars album and slipcase are new from our inventory and made in the U.S.A.

The 24 Peace Dollars, Dansco Peace Dollars Album, and Dansco Slipcase included in the set are:
1921 Peace Silver Dollar 249.99 1926-D Peace Silver Dollar 41.99
1922 Peace Silver Dollar 41.99 1926-S Peace Silver Dollar 41.99
1922-D Peace Silver Dollar 41.99 1927 Peace Silver Dollar 45.99
1922-S Peace Silver Dollar 41.99 1927-D Peace Silver Dollar 43.99
1923 Peace Silver Dollar 41.99 1927-S Peace Silver Dollar 43.99
1923-D Peace Silver Dollar 41.99 1928 Peace Silver Dollar 389.99
1923-S Peace Silver Dollar 41.99 1928-S Peace Silver Dollar 43.99
1924 Peace Silver Dollar 41.99 1934 Peace Silver Dollar 43.99
1924-S Peace Silver Dollar 43.99 1934-D Peace Silver Dollar 43.99
1925 Peace Silver Dollar 41.99 1934-S Peace Silver Dollar 52.99
1925-S Peace Silver Dollar 43.99 1935 Peace Silver Dollar 43.99
1926 Peace Silver Dollarx 41.99 1935-S Peace Silver Dollar 43.99
Dansco Peace Dollars Album 7175 35.19 Dansco Archival Slipcase 21.79
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Information on the Peace Silver Dollar series:

The Peace Silver Dollar was struck by the US Mint from 1921 through 1928 and then again in 1934 and 1935.  The coin is called the Peace Dollar because the word 'Peace' appears on the bottom of the reverse.  The Peace Silver Dollar was originally supposed to be a commemorative coin coinciding with the end of World War I, but was issued as a circulating coin.  Production was halted in 1928 because the mint had satisfied the requirements of the Pittman Act and the demand for the coin was at a low.  The Peace Silver Dollar returned briefly in 1934 and 1935 because additional backing was needed for Silver Certificates.

Anthony de Francisci designed the coin featuring a rendition of Lady Liberty on the obverse.   The original reverse design featured a bald eagle holding a broken sword to symbolize peace but was altered from a sword to an olive branch.  The Peace Silver Dollar initially drew criticism for the Latin spelling of the word 'Trust' and the open mouthed Lady Liberty but has since become a favorite of coin collectors.  The Peace Silver Dollar weighs 26.73 grams and is composed of .900 silver and .100 copper.  The net weight of the pure silver is .77344 oz.  The diameter of the coin is 38.1 mm and it features a reeded edge.

This Peace Silver Dollar Set makes a great gift for the beginning collector through the experienced numismatist!

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