2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Cent Log Cabin Birthplace SATIN FINISH 95% Copper BU

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This listing is for a 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial, Birth and Early Childhood in Kentucky Cent. These Lincoln one-cent coins contain an alloy consisting of 95% copper, 3% zinc and 2% tin that matches the alloy used in the original 1909 version, they have a Satin Finish. This coin is the first of four designs to be released in 2009 highlighting different parts of Lincoln's life. The reverse features the image of a log cabin that represents his humble beginnings in Kentucky with the inscriptions, "United States of America," "E Pluribus Unum," "One Cent" and "1809." The coin is Brilliant Uncirculated and full Red. All of our BU coins have nice eye appeal and no major marks or visible problems. They are taken from original Mint Sets.

At a glance
Coin Type: 
Lincoln Bicentennial Cent
Small Cent (1C)
Brilliant Uncirculated (BU)
.95 (95%) Copper and .05 (5%) Tin or Zinc
Edge Type: 
19.05 mm
3.11 grams (each)
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