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Whitman Encyclopedia of US Paper Money 1st Edition by Q David Bowers - Hardcover

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Whitman Encyclopedia of U.S. Paper Money First Edition by Q. David Bowers, Foreword by Fred Reed. This book is a 900 page hardcover, most of which contain color images and illustrations.

Q. David Bowers, the 'Dean of American Numismatics' in cooperation with dozens of experts in the field, has written a comprehensive one volume library on the paper currency of the US.  Subjects included are: 

  • Collecting, grading, and attributing paper money.
  • Cataloging your collection, with Friedberg and Whitman numbering systems.  
  • Real-world advice for making wise purchases in today's market. 
  • A guide to rarity including printing quantities for each issue.
  • Dealer pricing for all federal notes, 1861-date, $1-$10,000. 
  • History and values for Continental Currency, War of 1812 notes, Fractional Currency, encased postage stamps, star notes, mules, error notes, and more.

"Collecting and studying the paper money of the United States opens a window on our nation's rich and colorful past.  Each note tells a tale - of Civil War statesman struggling to preserve the Union, of miners striking gold and silver in the West, of American soldiers fighting in Northern Africa during World War II.  Earlier notes date back to the Continental Currency that helped finance the Revolution, and the War of 1812.

Over the course of 200-plus years, some of our most enduring national artwork has been featured on notes large and small.  Portraits of great explorers and wartime heroes, scenes of pastoral beauty and industrial might, allegories of Wisdom and Freedom and Victory, tableaux of mythology and of real-life legends - all are laid out as a feast for the collector and student of paper money."

-from the back cover notes
Information is supported by:
  • 1,600 full-color images
  • extensive auction data
  • market commentary
  • more than 26,000 values from a panel of experts
  • multiple grades up to Unc-65
  • rarities
  • a selected bibliography
  • extensive endnotes
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Book Title: 
Whitman Encyclopedia of US Paper Money 1st Edition
Q. David Bowers
Fred Reed
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