2009-D Lincoln Professional Life Cent Roll

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We are proud to offer for sale this 50 coin 2009-D Lincoln Bicentennial Penny Roll Professional Life Cent BU for sale.  These 2009-D Lincoln Bicentennial Professional Life Pennies are in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition, with great eye appeal and no major marks or visible problems.  This makes the 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Professional Life Penny a great addition to any Lincoln Penny collection, and a great value.

The Presidential One Dollar Coin Act of 2005 required that the reverse of the Lincoln Cent be redesigned for 2009 in honor of the Bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth.  The coins were designed to be emblematic of four different stages of the 16th President's life, his birth and early childhood in Kentucky, his formative years in Indiana, his professional life in Illinois, and finally his Presidency in Washington D.C.

The 2009-D Lincoln Bicentennial Penny Professional Life in Illinois Cent BU represents Lincoln's professional life as a lawyer and senator in Illinois. The coin was designed by Joel Iskowitz and sculpted by Don Everhart. The 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Professional Life Penny features Lincoln as a young lawyer, standing before the Springfield Illinois State Capitol.

The 2009-D Lincoln Bicentennial Penny Roll Professional Life is comprised of .975 (97.5%) zinc and .025 (2.5%) copper.  It is in (BU) condition, with great eye appeal.  These coins are in original bank wrapped rolls.

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At a glance
Denver (D)
Coin Type: 
Lincoln Bicentennial Cent
Small Cent (1C)
Brilliant Uncirculated (BU)
Copper plated Zinc
Edge Type: 
19.05 mm
2.50 grams (each)
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