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100 Air-Tite "T" Black Ring Coin Holders for 24mm Coins QUARTERS

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This listing is for 100 Air-Tite Holders with Black Rings for Quarters 1828 to present (24mm). The outside diameter of the "T" holder is 1.437" (36.49mm). Each order is for 100 "T" holders and black rings, bagged separately without any additional packaging. This item is new from our inventory.

Air-Tite holders are made from an acrylic plastic with a non-yellowing agent to ensure the crystal clear display your coins for any length of time. The rings are made of an inert cross-linked polyethylene which secures the coin in the holder and blocks air contamination. The black or white ring around the coin gives the appearance of matting, similar to the framing on photographs and artwork. All materials used in the production of the holders and rings are totally inert and PVC free.

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Quarter (25C)
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