Jefferson Nickels 2004-Date Whitman Classic Album #1973

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This listing is for a Whitman Classic Album for Jefferson Nickels 2004-Date. This album contains 3 pages with a total of 90 openings. Spaces for the full set from 2004 - 2007 P, D and S mint marks are labeled, including all varieties of Westward Journey Nickels. Additional ports are unlabeled for further storage. This is a new sealed album from our inventory.

Whitman classic albums are designed to protect and enhance the presentation of your collection. Each album features strong screw-type hinge posts to hold the pages and a blue leatherette cover. Clear plastic slides within the pages secure and protect the coins while allowing easy viewing of both sides. Each heavy board page has thumb notches for easy window removal. Printed end sheets describe the history of the series, give a standard description of the coins, and list the quantity minted per year.

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Brand: Whitman
MPN: 1973

At a glance
Nickel (5C)
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