Lighthouse Velvet Coin Trays 1-1/3" Holders TAB 40 Blue

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This listing is for Lighthouse Velvet Coin Trays with 40 Spaces in Blue. Each tray has 40 spaces that fit coin holders 1-1/3" (33 mm) square or coins with a diameter up to 1-1/3 (33mm). Recommended for half dollars, small dollars or quarters. Each tray measures 13-1/2" x 8-1/2 " (334 x 220mm). Each order is for a set of 2 trays. This item is new from our inventory.

Lighthouse velvet coin trays are made of hard plastic lined with matching red or dark blue velvet. They are ideal for presentation of your coins in holders, slabs, or placed directly into the tray spaces. These trays can be used by themselves or in combination with Lighthouse Aluminum Coin Cases which we offer as a separate listing.
Brand: Lighthouse

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Quarter (25C), Small Dollar ($1), Half Dollar (50C)
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