Flat Clinch Stapler Hand Held by MAX for No.10 Staples

Item # IT002662
Our price $ 20.99
This listing is for a Max Flat Clinch Stapler Model HD-10DFL. This stapler is designed for coin holders or office use. It staples cardboard coin holders, flips, or up to 20 sheets of paper with ease. It measures approximately 4" long and holds 100 staples at a time. This stapler requires specific MAX staples which are sold as a separate listing. Each order is for a stapler and staple remover.

MAX Flat Clinch Staplers bend the backs of the staples flat instead of the conventional curved bend. This prevents the staples of one holder from catching on another holder and damaging your coins. The flat clinch also saves space by allowing coin holders or paperwork to stack neat and flat. Color of stapler is either blue or gray.
Brand: Max Staplers
MPN: 1805