100 Greatest Ancient Coins - Harlan J. Berk

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This book lists 100 of the greatest Ancient Coins. Emperors and assassins, owls and turtles, gods and goddesses, brave heroes and villainous rogues all of these and more await you among the 100 Greatest Ancient Coins. In this beautifully illustrated second edition of his award-winning book, Harlan J. Berk, one of the world s best-known ancient-coin dealers, takes you on a personal guided tour of the numismatic antiquities of Greece, Rome, the Eastern Roman (so-called Byzantine) empire, and other parts of the ancient world. The first edition of 100 Greatest Ancient Coins earned the Numismatic Literary Guild s prestigious award for Best Specialized Book on World Coins. New in the second edition: a foreword by British numismatist and author Italo Vecchi, who calls the book a remarkable catalog of 100 exceptional coins and invaluable for all serious ancient-numismatic academics, historians, dealers, and amateurs alike coin-by-coin essays updated with the latest research many improved photographs new narrative on How to Collect Ancient Coins, and What to Avoid, written in Berk s engaging style, with real-world guidance from his 55-plus years of experience a three-page image gallery of denominations of ancient coins, showing 55 Greek, Roman, and Byzantine coins gold, silver, bronze, and copper ranging in size from the tiny 4.5 mm obol to the hefty 47 mm silver dodecadrachm. This is a new book from our inventory.
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100 Greatest Ancient Coins
Harlan J. Berk
Hardcover with dust jacket
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