Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin Collecting Starter Set with Album, Book, and Coins

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Our Coin Collecting Starter Set for Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollars is both Inspiring & Educational!

This Coin Collecting Starter Set is a great way to learn about and start collecting the Walking Liberty Half Dollar Series!  Included are the Dansco Walking Liberty Half Dollar Album #7160, the Collecting & Investing for Walking Liberty Half Dollars Book, and 3 different Walking Liberty Half Dollars to start your collection!
  • This album holds all of the P, D, and S Mint business strike Walking Liberty Half Dollars from 1916 to 1947. Dansco albums feature two gold-stamped posts within the brown leatherette binder to hold the pages in place. Clear plastic slides within each page ensure secure storage and allow for easy viewing of both sides of the coins.
  • This book offers a road map to collecting and investing in Walking Liberty Half Dollars. The author covers all regular issues from 1916 through 1947, outlining tips and strategies well-known to the experts. The book includes details on rarity, important coin attributes, pricing data and includes black and white images of each coin.
  • These Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar coins are circulated and will grade Good or better.  You will receive three unique Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollars with different dates and/or mint marks.

Information on the Walker Half Dollar Series

The Coinage Act of 1890 required that each coin design be in production for a minimum of 25 years. In 1915, U.S. Mint Director Robert W. Woolley misinterpreted the act and determined that no coin design could stay in production for more than 25 years. Determined that he must replace the Barber Half Dollar, as it had been in production for almost 25 years, Mr. Woolley requested and was granted permission to redesign the half dollar, as well as the dime and the quarter dollar.

German born sculptor Adolph Weinman won a competition among a limited group of artists for the new designs and was commissioned for both the new dime and half-dollar. The figure of Liberty is, in his own words, "progressing in full stride toward the dawn of a new day, carrying branches of laurel and oak, symbolic of civil and military glory." On the reverse side is the image of an eagle meant to represent fearlessness and power. Beneath the tips of the eagle's wings is Weinman's monogram of AW.

On all 1916 coins and some 1917 coins the mintmark can be found on the obverse side below the motto IN GOD WE TRUST. On some 1917 issues and all subsequent issues, the mintmark is found on the reverse, to the left of the words HALF DOLLAR.

Nicknamed the "Walker," many collectors and numismatics believe this half dollar to be one of the most exquisite silver coins to be issued from the U.S. Mint.

Walking Liberty Half Dollars were issued by the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints.

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