World Currency Starter Set with 24 Bills from 24 Different Countries in Dansco Album

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We are pleased to offer for sale this World Currency Starter Set with 24 Bills from 24 Different Countries in an Expandable Dansco Currency Album.  You will receive 24 different foreign notes with a list of countries and denominations for easy identification!  The paper money comes in an expandable currency album.  All bills are in crisp uncirculated condition straight from original bank bricks.  

Information on the Expandable Dansco Currency Album:

This album contains eight 3 pocket pages and holds a total of 24 modern size notes . The 7 5/8" x 9 1/2" clear pages allow you to organize, securely store, and view both sides of your currency.  The album can be expanded with additional pages as your currency collection grows!  Dansco albums features two gold-stamped posts within the brown leatherette binder to hold the pages in place.

We also carry refill pages for this album: Refill Pages for Dansco Currency Album

The 24 Different Countries featured in this World Currency Starter set are:

1. Afghanistan 13. Kyrgyzstan
2. Belarus 14. Laos
3. Burundi 15. Madagascar
4. Cambodia 16. Moldova
5. China 17. Mongolia 
6. Croatia 18. Myanmar
7. Egypt 19. Nepal
8. Eritrea 20. North Korea
9. Guinea 21. Tajikistan 
10. Honduras 22. Vietnam
11. Indonesia  23. Yugoslavia
12. Iran  24. Zambia 

This set is a great way to start your World Currency Collection! Bills come with a list of countries and denominations so you can easily look them up in a World Currency Guide for worth and value if desired.  Currency collecting is a fun hobby enjoyed by people of all ages, start collecting today!  This World Currency Starter Set also makes a great gift for the novice to the experienced numismatist. 

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