2020-S American Innovation Dollars PROOF Set In Box with COA 2020 Dollars

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We are pleased to offer for sale this 2020-S American Innovation Proof Dollar Set. This 2020-S American Innovation Dollar coin is in Proof condition from the San Francisco (S) Mint. All of our American Innovation Golden Proof Dollar coins have nice eye appeal and no major marks or visible problems. This coin comes in the original box with COA.

The American Innovation Dollar was authorized by the American Innovation $1 Coin Act, passed in 2018. The act calls for the minting and issuance of non-circulating $1 coins beginning in 2019. A coin will be issued for each state, the District of Columbia and each U.S. territory in the order in which they were admitted to the union. Additionally the act calls for an introductory coin to be minted in 2018. This introductory coin will honor George Washington's signing of the first U.S. patent.

The year of minting, mint mark and 'E Pluribus Unum' are edge-incused on each coin.

The 57-coin American Innovation $1 series was introduced in 2018 and by 2032 will have celebrated an innovation or innovator in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and the 5 U. S. territories. The U.S. Mint will issue them in the order each State ratified the Constitution of the United States or was admitted into the Union.

Information about the 2020 American Innovation Dollars:

Connecticut Designer: Richard Masters Sculptor-Engraver: Renata Gordon The Connecticut $1 Coin recognizes the Gerber Variable Scale. The design depicts the scale being used to increase a geometric shape by 200 percent, a shape that resembles the state of Connecticut. Inscriptions are “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “GERBER VARIABLE SCALE,” and “CONNECTICUT.”

Massachusetts Designer: Emily Damstra Sculptor-Engraver: Eric David Custer The Massachusetts $1 Coin recognizes the invention of the telephone. The design depicts the dial of an early rotary telephone. Inscriptions are “MASSACHUSETTS,” “TELE-PHONE,” and “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”

Maryland Designer: Joseph Menna Sculptor-Engraver: Joseph Menna The Maryland $1 Coin pays homage to the Hubble Space Telescope. The design depicts the telescope orbiting the earth surrounded by a field of stars. Inscriptions are “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “THE HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE,” and “MARYLAND.”

South Carolina Designer: Justin Kunz Sculptor-Engraver: Phebe Hemphill The South Carolina $1 Coin recognizes educator and civil rights activist Septima Poinsette Clark. The design depicts Ms. Clark marching with three young African American students who carry books and an American flag, representing that education and literacy among oppressed people are necessary for empowerment and enjoyment of civil rights. Inscriptions are “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “SEPTIMA CLARK,” and “SOUTH CAROLINA.”

The American Innovation Dollar weighs 8.1 grams and has a diameter of 26.5mm.  American Innovation Dollars are composed of a pure copper core with outer layers of manganese brass (.770 copper, .120 zinc, .070 manganese, and .040 nickel).


At a glance
San Francisco (S)
Coin Type: 
American Innovation Dollar
Small Dollar ($1)
Proof (PR)
Manganese Brass [.77 (77%) Copper, .12 (12%) Zinc, .07 (7%) Manganese and .04 (4%) Nickel] plating bonded to a (100%) Copper core
Edge Type: 
26.50 mm
8.10 grams (each)
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